Services Provided around Bereavement

BirthsDeathsMarriages website provides an important service for those who have experienced a bereavement. This is provided entirely FREE of charge.

Here are some of the services that BDM provides which may be of benefit to you at this time:-

Post a Notice; outlining the fact and details of a person’s death. (Often called an Obituary)

Post an event on a notice; outline the details of a wake or a funeral service.

Post a Eulogy on the Notice; some details of the character, life, actions and achievements of a loved one.

Post a photo or photos of your loved one as you would like to remember them.

Create a Notice where friends and relatives can add their thoughts, reflections and messages. (Similar to a Facebook style post).

Post details welcoming donations in honour of your loved one
In memoriam; add messages, post information on the anniversaries of the death of your loved ones.

Any of these services can be linked to other social networking facilities like Twitter or Facebook.
Births, Deaths and Marriages can provide an automatic thanks, sent on your behalf to all those who post messages on your posts

Leave a message of condolence or support on someone else’s Notice.

Last updated 25/02/2016

Help & Advice

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