Help to Write a Death Notice

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to say during the difficult time of bereavement whether you are a family member or friend wanting to share your condolence. People who are going through the pain of loss appreciate that others are thinking of them and thus benefit from kind words from others

Below is a guide of what you can write or you can have a look at some of the examples given
  • Firstly if you share the fact and details of the persons death (Also sometimes called an obituary)
  • Then it is good to give some details of the family and friends that have suffered the loss
  • Often people like to give some details of the character, life, actions and achievements of the loved one (often called a eulogy)
  • You can also add your thoughts, reflections and messages of condolence, prayers, bible verses or poems
  • Lastly, we would encourage you to add photos for friends and family to view in the gallery and to treasure for years to come
lease remember to be sensitive during this difficult time for friends and family. Any posts that are inappropriate will be removed immediately and email and IP address will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities if necessary

Last updated 07/02/2015

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